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  • No Way to Treat a Lady

    Posted in: Disc Reviews by Gino Sassani on October 14th, 2002

    (out of 5)



    Rod Steiger, obsessed with his dead mother, adopts one disguise and accent after another(Irish priest, German plumber, gay hairdresser, you name it) as he kills women and marks theirforeheads with lipstick. Frustrated cop on the case is George Segal, perpetually harassed by hiscartoonish Jewish mother, but also falling in love with Lee Remick. Good fun to be had here,especially from Steiger — an actor who always had a propensity to ham it up, and here he is givenfree reign…


    The movie is from 1967, so welcome back to the land of mono. The sound gets the job done,but there are some flaws: the volume occasionally fluctuates, and some of the voices are a bitmuzzy.


    The picture, in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen, is nice, barring some minor grain during thecredits and in some exterior shots. There is also some slight print damage. The colours, contrastsand flesh tones are all very nice.

    Special Features

    The menu is basic, and there are no extra features.

    Closing Thoughts

    Nice script and fun performances from the cast. The disc may not be much itself, but themovie is definitely worth checking out.

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