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  • 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaways: Dance Flick

    Posted in: Contests by Gino Sassani on January 5th, 2010

    Thank you all for making our 12 Days Of Christmas so much fun. Alas, all good things must come to an end. So, here is our final Giveaway for the Holiday Season.

    We have a copy of Dance Flick on DVD to give away.
    You might have entered when we had this one up earlier this year. Here’s your second chance to walk away with this unclaimed prize.

    To enter to win a copy of this Wayans Brothers Comedy,  just follow these simple steps…

    1. Fill out your name and email address in the comment form below – your email address will remain private and visible only to us.
    2. Do not post your address as an actual comment!  Tell us how often you visit us here at Upcomingdiscs. Please be honest. Your answer has no relationship to your chances of winning.
    3. Only those comments that answer our question will be considered.

    Contest is now closed. The Winner is Katherine Williams, Congratulations.

    Winners are notified by E-mail. If you did not get a confirmation E-mail from us, check your Spam filter and contact us. Any prize not claimed in 2 weeks will be forfeit and be placed in the end of year contests next Holiday Season.

    Please – only one contest entry per person!

    Posted In: Contests

    24 Responses to “12 Days Of Christmas Giveaways: Dance Flick”

    1. Jason Says:

      Usually hit this site once a month.

    2. Piero Giorno Says:

      I try to check in every other day.

    3. Nina bergeron Says:

      once a day!

    4. Gary Says:

      I visit every day.

    5. Katherine Williams Says:

      I come here at least once a week, occasionally more often.

    6. Garnet L Says:

      Whenever there’s a contest

    7. Cherie Michalec Says:

      I try to visit Upcomingdiscs.com every couple of days, to see what’s happening.

    8. Anne Taylor Says:

      apprx once a week; just depends on what’s going on in my “real” life!


    9. Barry Says:

      a few times a month

    10. Kelly Says:

      couple times a week

    11. Denise Glazier Says:

      I visit for contests.

    12. Tonya Says:

      I visit for the contests

    13. Matthew Lewis Says:

      usually about once a week

    14. Connie Lewis Says:

      About once a week.

    15. Dirk Smit Says:

      Whenever there is a contest.

    16. Lon West Says:

      I visit your site every week at least once.

    17. Laura DeLuca Says:

      I have it bookmarked and usually come about once a week

    18. Jacob LaFountaine Says:

      I come here about once a week

    19. Cheryl Says:

      I check in at least once a week, usually a weekend.

    20. Jacquie Hess Says:

      Check at least once a week

    21. Sonia Desormeaux Says:

      First time but not the last 😉

    22. Dianne Says:

      I check before I go shopping for a DVD and at least once a week just to see what is new.

    23. manda Says:

      usually weekends.

    24. David Says:

      I’d say twice a month, thanks.

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