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  • Spooky Buddies Are Coming And They Bring Treats

    Posted in: Release Announcements by BABY on September 17th, 2011

    Halloween is coming up pretty fast. Do you want you see something more scary than a Saw movie, or more terrifying than a campfire gathering at Camp Crystal Lake? Baby here again, and if you want to see something really scary, then just try delivering a package here at Upcomingdiscs. I dare ya. You see, I’m the German Shepherd/Chow mix that runs security here, and trust me. This is one mix you don’t wanna get mixed up with. And that spells B L O O D.

    I finally did it. I managed to keep those UPS/Fed-Ex guys from getting a package through. Disney tried to get the latest Buddies movie in here, and I put a stop to that, for sure. Boy, is Gino really proud of me. Okay, I made that last part up. In fact, he’s been using words that I never heard on a Disney film. He’s not too happy that we won’t be reviewing Spooky Buddies thanks to me. I’ll bet that delivery guy is still running, but let’s not talk about that right now. So now Gino’s making me write something about it anyway. That’s no fair. I don’t even get to spend time in the theater for this one. Aren’t there any dog labor laws or something that says he can’t do that?

    Spooky Buddies is the latest in the Buddies films, and it’s coming out on Sept 20th from Disney on Blu-ray.

    The Buddies find themselves taking on Warwick The Warlock and Halloween Hound. That hound better not come and try to get any candy from my bowl. You know, I’m kinda a Halloween Hound. I’m great at Trick or Treat. I do a trick and you give me a treat. Here’s a good trick that’s also a treat. How about some cool family fun stuff to go with Spooky Buddies?

    Put your paw here to see some family activities you can do with your own pups: Spooky Buddies Family Activities

    Just put your paw on Family Night to get some fun family activities, Recipe to learn to make some real treats and SGA for a cool haunted maze.


    Tell them Baby sent ya.


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