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    Posted in: Disc Reviews by Gino Sassani on October 27th, 2011

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    A while back we ran a contest where we gave away several discs that contained some of the most exciting games in baseball history. These games were released individually as full broadcasts on one DVD. Now A&E has decided to put the collection together in one special sweet baseball collection. Just in time for the dramatic end of this year’s World Series, you now have a chance to stretch more than that seventh inning. You can keep the baseball season going for as long as you like with these classic games. You get the entire television broadcast and a special audio that contains the home team’s radio broadcast. For Phillies fans that means getting to hear the late great Harry Kalas once again.

    There’s a game in here for everyone. Here’s a rundown:

    1960 World Series Game 7 – The Pittsburgh Pirates vs. New York Yankees

    October 13, 1960 from Forbes Field.

    The Pirates were huge underdogs. There was no way they could take the series to 7 games, let alone win the thing. It was close and went down to the final inning.

    1975 World Series Game 6 – The Cincinnati Reds vs. The Boston Red Sox

    October 21, 1975 from Fenway Park.

    Cincy’s Big Red Machine was tearing things up in 1975. The Red Sox had the big rookie of the year in Fred Lynn. Only one of these powerhouse teams could walk away with the crown. Was it the Curse of the Babe? This one went 12 innings and Carlton Fisk’s monumental homer.

    Wrigley Field Slugfest – The Philadelphia Phillies vs. The Chicago Cubs

    May 17, 1979 from Wrigley field.

    This may not have been a World Series Fall Classic, but it was one of the greatest examples of offensive power in one game in the history of the game. Mike Schmidt hits 2 homeruns. This one went into the 10th inning knotted at 22 each.

    1985 NLCS Game 5 – The St. Louis Cardinals vs. The Los Angeles Dodgers

    October 14, 1985 from Busch Stadium

    Tommy Lasorda was leading the Dodgers to some of the greatest wins in the team’s history. Ozzie Smith breaks a long stalemate with his very first left-handed homerun.

    1986 World Series Game 6 – The New York Mets vs. The Boston Red Sox

    October 25, 1986 from Shea Stadium

    Another Red Sox almost as they take a 2-run lead into the 10th inning. Two outs and the Red Sox were one out from winning the series. But Gary Carter’s single started a rally that would become one of the most exciting come from behind wins in World Series history.

    1991 World Series Game 7 – The Minnesota Twins vs. The Atlanta Braves

    October 27, 1991 from Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome

    How about a World Series that features two last-place teams from the previous year? But only one of these clubs will finish the journey from worst to first. One has to walk away in defeat. The game was a pitching duel from the start. John Smoltz and Jack Morris wouldn’t allow a run the entire game. The score was still tied 0-0 at the bottom of the 10th inning.

    1992 NLCS Game 7 – The Atlanta Braves vs. The Pittsburgh Pirates

    October 14, 1992 from Fulton County Stadium

    It was the Pirates’ third consecutive trip to the NLCS and it had been Atlanta that denied them the World Series just the year before. Now both teams were back for a grand rematch. It’s Sid Bream’s famous home plate slide that would decide this one, and Atlanta denies the Pirates yet again.

    1993 World Series Game 6 – The Toronto Blue Jays vs. The Philadelphia Phillies

    October 23, 1993 from The Skydome

    This was the highest-scoring World Series of all time. We’re talking 65 total runs in just the first four games. The Phillies took a 1-run lead into the 9th inning when the Jays scored with a walk-off homerun.

    2003 ALCS Game 7 – The New York Yankees vs. The Boston Red Sox

    October 16th, 2003 from Yankee Stadium

    The pitching featured a combined 9 Cy Young Awards between Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez. Aaron Boon hits an 11th inning homerun, and this one is going into the history books.

    2004 ALCS Game 4 – The Boston Red Sox vs. The New York Yankees

    October 17, 2004 from Fenway Park

    The Red Sox were about to suffer an embarrassing sweep. It starts with a routine 9th inning walk and leads to a 12th inning upset that changed the course of baseball history. This was the first time a team came back from 3-0 to win a series. Curse? What curse?


    Each game is presented in the format of its original broadcast. Older games are full-frame while more modern games are at 1.78:1. You’re warned before each game that these are archive prints. That means picture quality really does suffer, particularly the older games. This is the best that is available and must be looked at for their historical value and not image quality.


    The Dolby Digital 2.0 track has the same archive limitations as the image. You can hear the play by play and have to be satisfied with that minimal achievement.

    Special Features

    Bonus Disc features interviews with players from all 10 games.

    Final Thoughts:

    I’m beginning to have high hopes for this relationship between A&E and Major League Baseball. There are a ton of moments out there that each fan would love the chance to relive or share with your own kid someday. This is a huge step in that direction. The games are all worth another look, and some of them will hold special meaning to many of us out there. What more can I say other than, “Play ball”.

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