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    If you’d like to get in touch with UpcomingDiscs.com, send us an email.

    Tips, suggestions, feedback, rants, and the like are all welcome and will be responded to.

    Please email us at: comments@upcomingdiscs.com

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    9 Responses to “Contact Us”

    1. UpcomingDiscs.com » Blog Archive » Welcome to the redesign of Upcomingdiscs.com Says:

      […] hope you’ll take the time to drop me a line through our contact page or simply leave a comment right here. Let me know what you like or dislike. In fact, I invite you […]

    2. Bill Love Says:

      WOW – two of the curviest ‘stars’ of sci-fi — Kate B. and the Enterprise. I would’ve guessed that YOU were behind that website even if I just stumbled upon it out of the blue and only saw the top title pic.

      – Bill

    3. Carol Ames Says:

      I want to order a book from Amazon via your site. Details, please.

    4. Strider Wise Says:

      I sorely miss the stream of all upcoming discs by date. It was always great fun to discover some long-sought-after film finally coming to DVD, and have something to look forward to in the weeks or months ahead. Your new format is of little interest, and I am unlikely to use your site again unless the stream-by-date returns.

    5. Carol Ames Says:

      Have you reviewed or will you be reviewing “Meeks Crossing”?

    6. Orlando Says:

      I would like to join the forum.

    7. Rebecca green Says:

      How do you become a reviewer? Interested in knowing. Thanks

    8. Brenda Donoho Says:

      China Beach – Season 1 Win

      We received the DVD set and are busy catching up on all the episodes we missed when the show was on the telly.

      Thanks for this great win, and your interesting site.

    9. Steve Porvaznik Says:

      Hey Brent, I really enjoy the site and it was nice speaking with you on Wed 3/30/16 for the premier of “Eye in the Sky” at the Tampa Gasparilla Film Festival. Keep up the great work!

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