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    Posted in: Hardware Reviews by Archive Authors on October 15th, 2003

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    $69.95 one meter (3.28')


    Interconnect cables are an often overlooked part of most peoples audio components but can often have just as much effect on your overall sound quality as the components you buy. Home theater and audio enthusiast seem to fall into two categories when it comes to cables, the first one being that as long as it is better then what came in the box and it did not cost me an inordinate amount of money then that is perfect. The other camp treats them like jewelry, the more expensive, cooler sou…ding technology and the better looking then we are in. Bettercables.com is a Virginia based on-line only mid to high end cable manufacturer that makes cables to try and appeal to both of these groups of people. They are backed with good technology, high-end looks and are very reasonably priced (in comparison to some other high end prestige brands).

    Features and Build

    First and foremost these cables come packaged like a cable should in a simple zip lock plastic bag, when I buy gear I want to know that I am not paying more for something (like overly extravagant packaging) that has no audible benefit. Secondly the construction of the cable is top notch, good fitting ends with shrink wrap and a flexible high quality jacket, no over the top and just for looks extras, simple decent looking well built cables. The Silver Serpent interconnect utilizes a pure copper center conductors with 99.9999% pure silver coating, this design system is utilized in other cables I have seen at much higher prices then here. We also have a copper braid for shielding from EMF and RF signal interference.


    As I only received one single cable for testing I connected the cable to the left front output between my SACD player and my receiver. To test it I listened to three different musical selections first from both speakers and then from right only then left only and then with a blind comparison between right and left. On all three pieces of music I found the same results, the sound was much smoother and refined. Treble was extended and clear with no grain, this cable was much brighter sounding without being fatiguing. Midrange was warm and full without being to forward or pinched sounding. Bass was full and extended much lower then the cables I had been using with out being boomy in any way. I then repeated all of the above tests against a more expensive cable and found the results to be the same. The Silver Serpent sounded much superior to both interconnects that I tested it against and it was better then half the price of the two other cables.

    Final thoughts

    I am an audio and home theater nut, but like most people I do not have an unlimited budget. When I shop for new gear I always look at the price to performance ratio. You can always spend more money and get better performance, but is the gain in performance worth the price difference. With the Silver Serpent interconnect the resounding answer is YES! To getter better performance from a cable you are going to have to spend 4-5 times the amount that you would on any other brand. So, if you are a nut like me head on over to Bettercable.com and load yourself up as the are the best value I have ever seen in an audio product of any kind.


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