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    Posted in: Hardware Reviews by Archive Authors on May 22nd, 2006

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    Have you ever given any thought to the influence that dirty power has on the output quality of your home theater system? How does it negatively affect the picture and sound quality of all that gear that you bought to be able to better enjoy your movies? We spend money on new TV’s, higher end DVD players and lets not forget cables, sometimes the cables are worth more then the new piece of gear we just bought. Well the guys (and girls) at Monster Cable have spent some time thinking about it and maybe it’s time we all d…d the same.

    Monster Cable offers a number of different solutions to help you clean up the power that creates the images and sounds we enjoy when watching movies on our home theater systems and we are going to have a look at the best that they make, the Signature Series HTPS 7000. Feature wise this 44lb beast is loaded to the hilt. It uses a Monsters Power Clean Power Stage 5 v2.0, has 12 outlets, 3 coax connections and a phone loop. It uses sequential turn on and off for all the 12 outlets and exclusive Monster Dual Balanced Pure Power circuity to isolate audio and video electrical paths from each other. Did I also mention that it has built in circuity’s that will turn it self off when large power spikes or drops (brown outs) are detected.

    So how does all this help you? Well the 5 stage power clean works with 5 different filters built with specific purposes in mind. The 5 filters are analog audio, analog video, digital audio, digital video and high-current audio. So why five filters? Well we need to isolate audio and video signals from each other and we also need to isolate digital from analog. Digital components like your DVD player and digital cable box feed back noisy audio from the DACs (digital to analog converter) and if it is not filtered properly it will cause issues with the analog components in your system. It also isolates video and audio signals from each other to insure you get the best performance possible with no feedback. Then there is the separate high current audio filter, most filters have the unfortunate side effect of limiting the amount of current that passes through which is fine for your TV and DVD player, but your ultra high current receiver or pre power combination is not going to perform to the best of it’s abilities. Monster has developed a filter that will provide your high current audio gear with the cleanest power possible without limiting the amount of power it can draw.

    So now we know what it does, the question is whether it works or not. I hooked up the HTPS7000 into my system following the directions provided and connecting my equipment the labeled power outlets on the back of the unit. They couldn’t make things much easier for you; all the outlets are labeled with what equipment should be connected to it making sure you get the right equipment with the right filters. I hit the power button on the front and waited for things to power up (sequential turn on). Next I settled in to watch a couple of flicks starting with the excellent Batman Begins. The first thing I noticed was that the blacks seem much deeper with better shadow detail. Then the scene with Bruce Wayne and Ken Watonabi’s character fighting on the lake, as the ice started crack I started to worry that the bass was going to start causing things to fall off my entertainment stand. Next up was the gloriously subtle Superbit edition of Adaptation. If you haven’t seen this film it’s about time you did the picture and sound are nothing short of perfect. The scenes shot out in the swampland looking for orchids surround you with subtlety. OK so this is all great but was this thing really making any difference? I A/B’d two different scenes from both films with and without the HTPS7000 and I went back and forth 4 times and the difference was certainly evident, it wasn’t like night and day but all of the subtle details that where there with the HTPS7000 preparedness without it. I even got my wife involved for an unbiased opinion and even she could tell that things where better when everything was plugged into the HTPS7000. Which speaks volumes if you’re trying to convince the significant other that you have to have one of these.

    Next I tried it out with some music. I concentrated mainly on two songs Satellite from Dave Matthews Bands first album Under the Table and Dreaming and the stunning 10,000 Days from the new Tool album 10,000 Days. The later song has the sounds of a rolling thunder storm in the background of the first minute or so. When listening with my system plugged into the Monster power center the thunder storm came through with shocking detail, the soundstage was huge and with incredible depth. When not plugged into the Monster the sound was much smaller and certainly not as deep. The thunder storm also seemed to melt into the song and was far less noticeable. I noticed the same change in detail when listening to Dave Mathews Band.

    So it makes a noticeable difference but is it worth the money? Well I guess the other thing to consider is the fact that with your gear receiving cleaner power I would also expect my gear to last longer. So taking that into account along with the change in picture and sound quality I would have to say that it is certainly worth the investment (did I mention it comes with a lifetime warranty). Or if you’re not willing to fork over the money for the top of the line HTPS7000 Monster makes a broad range of product and one of their excellent power products is sure to fit your needs. Highly recommended!

    Product Specs

    • Exclusive Monster Dual Balanced Pure Power™ circuitry for lowest noise best picture and sound performance.
    • Digital Microprocessor—driven blue amp. and voltmeter for instantaneous monitoring of all functions and fluctuations.
    • Triple—shielded 8 ft. PowerLine® 400 AC Power Cord.
    • Blue LED volt and green amp meter.
    • $750,000 Connected Equipment Warranty.
    • T2 technology provides an additional layer of protection from overvoltages.
    • Embossed plate with The Head Monster, Noel Lee’s Signature.
    • Height: 5.25 Inches
    • Height – With Feet: 5.75 Inches
    • Width: 17.0625 Inches
    • Depth: 14.25 Inches
    • Weight: 44 lbs.


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