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    Evil Dead: Regeneration (Playstation 2)

    Posted in Game Reviews by Michael Durr on October 1st, 2006


    I am a huge fan of the Evil Dead series. The perfect blend of movie style with a steady dose of horror and more than plentiful slapstick humor. The main character; Ash voiced by Bruce Campbell has to be one of the top ten heroes of all time as the witty boomstick shooting, chainsaw waving good guy. I had not played any of the previous Evil Dead games for Playstation or other systems, but however I was automatically sold when I saw this title in the Circuit City c…
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    Red Faction II (Gamecube)

    Posted in Game Reviews by Archive Authors on May 8th, 2003

    The first person shooter has come quite a long way from the beginning days of the genre and it has seen some interesting additions to its mode of play. Although one might argue that on the one hand that FPS games are fundamentally the same as they were back then, new titles on the market like Red Faction II introduce new and better features which keep the genre fresh and exciting.

    Players can pick up Red Faction II out now for their Nintendo GameCube video game console and experience some down…
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