The Orange Box (Xbox 360)

Posted in Game Reviews by Michael Durr on November 26th, 2007

Some of my most enjoyable gaming experiences have been with gaming compilations. “More bang for your buck” is the familiar slogan used to describe these games. Traditionally, these compilations show up late in console’s life cycle in order to re-sell old titles that couldn’t probably sell on their own. So needless to say the Orange Box surprised me on a couple of fronts. The 360 isn’t an ancient or dying system by any means. Furthermore, by combining Half Life 2, the two sequels, Portal and Team Fortress 2 you bring together a package that from initial glance looks to be five great games in one. However, are these five games as vast as one would hope or instead are these five games that should have stayed on the pc to collect dust and be riddled about in debates about the best pc shooter to date?

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