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  • “31 Nights Of Terror” Vampyres

    Posted in: Disc Reviews by Paul on October 18th, 2016

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    Vampyres (2015) is a remake of Vampyres (1974). It is important to note that right here at the start. They have a strong similarity, and the latter film is clearly a homage and loving duplication. It should be stated that the new version is not better, but the two films have identical essential elements. That would be naked lesbian flesh-eating, blood-obsessed predators. The original was fairly groundbreaking in its almost fetishistic content. This version has more nudity and sex scenes. I would safely say that if you like naked blood-soaked sex scenes, you will enjoy it, but aficionados of horror classics will likely be pickier. The initial problems have to do with the writing and acting which is not Oscar caliber. I can get to that later. This is basically an English-language Spanish production. The biggest difference maybe the landscape of the Spanish countryside is not as evocative and lush as the original English location.

    May Heatherly and Caroline Munro are two classic horror actresses who show up but with very little effect to the story. Colin Arthur is an established makeup artist and was involved with the original production.

    The experience of the movie is that these two women (played this time by Marta Fitch and Almudena Leon) playfully but ruthlessly prey on people passing through these woods. They have sex and then feed on their human prey. They are never described specifically as vampires despite the title, and their need to feast on humans is almost secondary to their desire to enjoy their own cruelty. They clearly have a sadistic pleasure in their power, so the audience of this movie would have to have some curiosity in these basically perverted and depraved activities. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who fill that requirement. At times, the movie is competently made but never rises to any sense of definitive greatness in the genre. It could be said that the whole exercise in remaking this movie is basically to exploit fans of the niche genre of naked lesbian vampire. That being said, the soft-core appeal of the film doesn’t make it unwatchable. I would even say this is an excellent thing to have playing in the background of an adult-themed Halloween party. I would hope that you don’t try to duplicate any of the flesh-eating or blood-bathing activity, though.

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