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Posted in: Dare to Play the Game, News and Opinions by Michael Durr on January 21st, 2009

Michael Durr has been reviewing movies for the better part of fifteen years now. He primarily enjoys thrillers, sci-fi, animation and even a little courtroom drama. His favorite films include Escape from New York, the Goonies and anything with Alyssa Milano. When he’s not praising Kurt Russell as the greatest actor of our time or scratching his head over a David Lynch flick, he’s spending time at home in Texas with his lovely wife, Lori and his amazing son. How they put up with him is a mystery, but even Basil Rathbone doesn’t have the time to solve that one.

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  1. Sarah
    01/21/2009 @ 6:27 pm

    “The family’s names incidentally are named Daddy, Mommy, Sarah and Billy. What the heck is my girlfriend doing in this game? (and no her name is not Mommy, at least not to the general public :-P) Didn’t I tell her to stop appearing in WiishovelWare?”

    If it were up to me, my name would not be anywhere near a title like this. 😀

    And WTG with the Circuit City stuff. You know they are just going to blame the economy as a way out. But Im with you, if they had actually tried when it came to their staff, they might have made it. I remember going into these stores back home, and the people were just like you said. Either non existent or rude. At Best Buy they bug you a bit (Hey at least they are there!), but most of them have somewhat of a clue as to what they are selling. Circuit City was just never competition to even WalMart in my opinion.

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