Dare to Play the Game

Posted in: Dare to Play the Game, News and Opinions by Michael Durr on February 18th, 2009

Michael Durr has been reviewing movies for the better part of fifteen years now. He primarily enjoys thrillers, sci-fi, animation and even a little courtroom drama. His favorite films include Escape from New York, the Goonies and anything with Alyssa Milano. When he’s not praising Kurt Russell as the greatest actor of our time or scratching his head over a David Lynch flick, he’s spending time at home in Texas with his lovely wife, Lori and his amazing son. How they put up with him is a mystery, but even Basil Rathbone doesn’t have the time to solve that one.


  1. Mirage
    02/18/2009 @ 9:26 pm

    Lifeforce is the old NES game in that screen shot.

    Can’t wait to play the new Street Fighter, although I do wish they would just combine the arcade and alpha versions already.

  2. teedub
    02/19/2009 @ 7:46 pm

    RB > GH. I never thought I’d say that, but it’s true. World Tour has confirmed it.

    I recommend moving on to the Sega Genesis Collection next, I had the Platinum Trophy (PS3) within a 24 hour span. Finishing Mean Bean Machine was easily the toughest of the lot. And to answer your question about the achievements, they had the producer of the game on a recent episode of the Retronauts podcast, and he explained that they wanted them to be more accessible to the masses. I do agree that they should have made at least one per game. Kind of takes some bragging rights away from my Platinum, but not too much. 😉

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