Dare to Play the Game

Posted in: Dare to Play the Game, News and Opinions by Michael Durr on March 11th, 2009

Michael Durr has been reviewing movies for the better part of fifteen years now. He primarily enjoys thrillers, sci-fi, animation and even a little courtroom drama. His favorite films include Escape from New York, the Goonies and anything with Alyssa Milano. When he’s not praising Kurt Russell as the greatest actor of our time or scratching his head over a David Lynch flick, he’s spending time at home in Texas with his lovely wife, Lori and his amazing son. How they put up with him is a mystery, but even Basil Rathbone doesn’t have the time to solve that one.


  1. teedub
    03/12/2009 @ 5:27 pm

    MadWorld is definitely on my list of games to check out. I’m still on the fence about RE5, the Wii controls have spoiled me for RE4, and I don’t think I could go back to the dual-stick-tank-control. I tried the demo a few times, and it just frustrated me.

    Good call on the GBA-SP, but all you needed was a DS and a copy of Peggle Dual Shot. Holy crap, it’s awesome.

  2. billige flyrejser
    03/17/2009 @ 6:34 pm

    Every time i come here I am not dissapointed, nice post

  3. Alvador
    03/20/2009 @ 7:46 pm

    This is right here, in the present, not the future.

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