The Kings: Anatomy of a One-Hit Wonder

Posted in: Disc Reviews by Archive Authors on April 16th, 2009

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  1. Nazz Nomad
    06/06/2009 @ 5:29 pm

    This is a DVD for the fans, if you aren’t a fan now…you never will be and if you are…then you are pretty die-hard.
    The review is not representational of the actual content in my opinion. Depressing it is not and found myself laughing a lot at some of the stories the band told. The reviewer spends the whole review dissing the DVD then in the “Final Thoughts” says it’s a story that should be told????
    This review is depressing and I’m not trying to be negative towards the reviewer but it seems the only one who felt depressed is the reviewer and conflicting messages make this review a complete waste.

    I will give a simple honest quick review….If you know The Kings and the song and are a true music fan interested in knowing “the anatomy of a one hit wonder” literally…you will love this DVD. Also it’s not so clever as to make it not accesible for everyone to enjoy.

    My review 10/10

    Get it now!

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