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Posted in: Dare to Play the Game, News and Opinions by Michael Durr on July 15th, 2009

Michael Durr has been reviewing movies for the better part of fifteen years now. He primarily enjoys thrillers, sci-fi, animation and even a little courtroom drama. His favorite films include Escape from New York, the Goonies and anything with Alyssa Milano. When he’s not praising Kurt Russell as the greatest actor of our time or scratching his head over a David Lynch flick, he’s spending time at home in Texas with his lovely wife, Lori and his amazing son. How they put up with him is a mystery, but even Basil Rathbone doesn’t have the time to solve that one.


  1. teedub
    07/15/2009 @ 1:25 pm

    Shadow Complex looks WAY too cool. It’s right in my wheelhouse, but being a PS3/Wii owner, I won’t be able to try it out. I’ll have to live vicariously through your review, I suppose.

  2. Cron
    07/18/2009 @ 7:28 pm

    Why do you dislike EA so much? I could understand last generation, but the past several years EA has really proved to be a great publisher by trying fresh IPs like Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge, to picking up games like Brutal Legend after they had been discarded and promoting the heck out it, and to handling the great Rock Band and Mass Effect, among many others. Activision is the one to hate this generation, and with good reason…they’re the new (old)EA.

  3. Michael Durr
    07/19/2009 @ 7:27 pm

    Actually I should clarify myself, I don’t hate EA….I hate EA Sports division. Their regular games are fine. Their sports is the same recycled garbage year after year. They create virtual monopolies (Madden) or they simply copy the competition (EA MMA). But yeah Dead Space, Rock Band, Mass Effect, I’m down with those. Sports….I won’t touch them anymore 🙁

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