Thomas and the Magic Railroad (20th Anniversary Edition)

Posted in: No Huddle by Jeremy Butler on December 7th, 2020

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Jeremy Butler

Jeremy Butler is a film school graduate of the International Academy of Design and Technology. He is been writing for Upcomingdiscs since 2012; however, movies have played a big part of his life for much longer. Favorite genres include horror, science fiction/fantasy, and comedy. Favorite movies are V for Vendetta, Boondocks Saints, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and The Godfather.

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  1. Michael Durr
    01/18/2021 @ 11:14 am

    My son has always liked Thomas, even at 5+ years old, he will still watch the cartoons over and over again. But I remember roughly a couple of years ago I found this film and showed it to my son and he was bored within 5-10 minutes. We did make it through the film but there was a lot of kicking and screaming along the way (and from my son as well). It’s like they completely forgot what made the Train Engine stories fun in the first place (besides George Carlin).

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