The Street Fighter Collection (Blu-Ray)

Posted in Disc Reviews by Michael Durr on April 2nd, 2019

As one might guess from my film reviewing resume, I watch a lot of Asian movies.  Unfortunately, judging by the same resume, it would appear that most of that is anime and drama.  But in my spare time, I do watch a lot of popular Asian cinema, especially with the likes of Donnie Yen or Jing Wu. In addition to contemporary favorites, I certainly have not forgotten the roots of martial art cinema in the likes of Bruce Lee and others.  Well, today I received a box set featuring one of the legends of Asian cinema: Shin’ichi Chiba, better known to most American audiences as the one and only Sonny Chiba.  That set of films would be of course, The Street Fighter Collection.  Let us take a look.

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