The Black Cauldron (Blu-Ray)

Posted in Disc Reviews by Michael Durr on June 1st, 2021

When I was in grade school, I remember reading High King, the fifth book in the Prydain Chronicles, as part of a reading assignment (since it was a Newbery Award winner).  I also at some point watched Black Cauldron in my youth, but I’m pretty sure it was on a crummy VHS tape.  Anyhow, many years later, with an old friend, I was gifted a treasured copy of Prydain Chronicles (all five books in a hardback format).  Being much older, I took the time to read the entire hardback collection, and ever since then I’ve been tracking down related items including the Black Cauldron movie from Disney to revisit.  It might not be the wonderful series of books, but it’s still an excellent movie on its own accord.  Let’s explore the recent release from the Disney Movie Club.

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