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    Posted in: Disc Reviews by David Annandale on September 4th, 2002

    (out of 5)


    The film is basically about the four manic days of a Punjabi wedding. We have a plethora of characters, all involved in different kinds of relationships. At the centre we have the reluctant bride (still carrying on an affair with a married man). Sharp, clever, warm, this one’s a keeper.


    What happened to the sound? For a good chunk of the film, the audio experience is deeply uninspiring: the sound effects have barely any rear speaker presence (lots of missed o…portunities), the sound is thin, and at least one song is so distorted you’d think it was being played on a grammophone. By the second half, things have improved, but the sound is nowhere as lush as it is in the featurette.


    The colours are good, the contrasts strong, ,and the image is presented in the original 1,85:1 widescreen aspect. There is a fair bit of grain, however. The picture doesn’t look as dead-sharp as it should.

    Special Features

    Both the behind-the-scenes featurette and the commentary (by director Mira Nair) are informative and very useful for North American audiences, giving us plenty of information, guiding us into a world that is likely culturally unfamiliar for many viewers on these shores. There’s also a trailer. The menu is basic.

    Closing Thoughts

    Though the transfer is something of a disappointment, this should in no way discourage you from seeing the film, which is made all the more accessible by the extras.

    Special Features List

    • Director’s Commentary
    • Behind-the-Scenes Featurette
    • Theatrical Trailer
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