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    Posted in: Disc Reviews by Archive Authors on September 27th, 2005

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    Having survived one onslaught by rebel angels, Kari Wuhrer becomes a target yet again. She is the guardian of the Lexicon, and self-writing book of prophecies, and big-shot angel Tony Todd wants that book so he can learn the identity of the Antichrist and kill the child before he can bring about Armageddon. He sends killer Jason Scott Lee after Wuhere, but Lee is stricken with a conscience attack, and helps her instead. When the straits become very dire, however, there is only one person Wuh…er can turn to for help with her divinely appointed task: Satan.

    Are you loving the paradox? The filmmakers clearly do, and the slogan on the case (also a key line of dialogue in the film) – “Sometimes the interests of Heaven and Hell are not so far apart” – nicely encapsulates the central idea that animates both this picture and its predecessor. As before, it is refreshing to see a film take an interesting idea and work it out rigorously. While not perhaps as suspenseful as the previous sequel, this is still a solid, worthwhile effort, and the pair of films (which really form one large story) stand very nicely on their own, outshining the other sequels in the franchise.


    While the picture (see below) is on the weak side, the sound is much better. The dialogue is clear and distinct, and is never submerged by the effects or the score, both of which are very strong, too. The placement of the sound effects is excellent, right down to little touches such as the flapping of a pigeon’s wings.


    But the picture is, as mentioned, very disappointing. The colours are decent, but the image is rather soft. Worse yet is the grain, which is always present and noticeable, but in some instances is thoroughly appalling. This is a shame, and makes the film look cheaper than it deserves.

    Special Features

    Writer/director Joel Soisson gets together with editor Kirk Morri, makeup FX man Gary J. Tunnicliffe and production executive Nick Phillips for another smart and informative commentary (one that is much better than such large roundtables usually are). That’s it, apart from a handful of trailers. The menu is basic.

    Closing Thoughts

    Does this bring the franchise to an end? Hard to say. But if there must be more sequels, one would hope that they stay in the hands of this creative team.

    Special Features List

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