How long will HD physical media last?

Posted in: Bitchy Rants by Archive Authors on January 24th, 2008


  1. Tom
    01/24/2008 @ 4:58 pm

    “Unlike HD-DVD Blu-ray players vary quite a bit between brands and models.”

    Does any company other than Toshiba even make HD-DVD players?

    “Even so spec version 1.1 will soon be replaced with spec version 2.0 and so on and so on.”

    IIRC, 2.0 is an optional spec and does not replace 1.1, which is considered to be the final standard. On what basis do you add “and so on and so on”?

    “How can HD discs compete with almost instant gratification?”

    How long does it take to download an HD movie? How many can I fit on a 1TB hard-drive? Can I lend these movies to a friend? Instant gratification is nowhere in sight, and downloadable content will likely introduce pesky DRM.

  2. Gino Sassani
    01/24/2008 @ 10:25 pm

    We’re a long way from download as a major way to get films.
    Questions like speed, reliability, portability… make this a long way off.
    True videophiles love having something tangible in our hands or on our shelves.
    The reason the HD disc market is so low is because of the format war. Folks are waiting for it to end rather than bet on the loser.
    Once a winner is crowned HD sales will begin to rise quickly.
    There has already been a sharp increase in players sold since the Warner announcement.
    I can’t imagine EVER having the hard drive storage space to enable me to own the size video library I currently own.
    I have over 3500 discs (I count discs not sets) and even at conservative figures with better compression technology would require over 100 TB. Not coming any time soon.
    By the way. Standard DVD’s aren’t going anywhere soon either.
    Every studio is already committed to several more years of DVD product.

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