Rock For The Rising Sun (Blu-ray)

Posted in: No Huddle by Brent Lorentson on August 7th, 2013

(out of 5)

Brent Lorentson

Brent Lorentson is a horror writer and film critic based out of Tampa, Florida. With a BA in Digital Film, he co-wrote and co-directed Scavenger Hunt. His short stories have appeared in various horror anthologies. In 2019 his short script Fertile Blood will be a part of the anthology horror film Slumber Party. He is currently working on his first novel A Dark and Secret Place set to be released in late 2019. Favorite Films: Taxi Driver, Fight Club, I Saw the Devil, The Wild Bunch, Dawn of the Dead, A Clockwork Orange, Pulp Fiction, Heathers, The Monster Squad, and High Fidelity.

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  1. Michael Durr
    08/09/2013 @ 2:41 pm

    It’s quite amazing that these guys can still bring it after all of these years. It is nice to see that their lineup for the most part hasn’t really changed. Train Kept a Rollin is always last and most of their songs are from 70’s albums as opposed to the 80’s and 90’s stuff.

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