Privilege (Blu-Ray)

Posted in Disc Reviews by Michael Durr on May 10th, 2022

From the beginning of civilized history, the government regardless of where it resides has always preferred its society to conform, to act alike so that there is no trouble or dissenting.  It is far easier if people fall in line so that the ruling class can continue to prosper while its peasants struggle along.  Truth is that most citizens would rather not rock the boat, so they forsake their personality and their soul for another day that was like yesterday.  Even when there is conflict or angst within a society, it’s often manufactured by the government in order to give its people a perceived outlet for their deepest and darkest emotions.  Today, we explore Privilege, a film that takes a look at the not so distant future where a British pop star takes the UK by storm, but little does the public know that the government is the one pulling the strings.

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