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    Posted in: Disc Reviews by Gino Sassani on October 2nd, 2002

    (out of 5)

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    Twenty years ago, there was a mining disaster. The only survivor wreaked bloody revengea year later. Nineteen years later, he seems to be back, and the usual bunch of kids is in trouble.Neat looking killer, cool setting, and some unintentionally hilarious acting and dialogue are theorder of the day. The killings aren’t as graphic, sadly, as some of the publicity stills. The moviewas cut prior to release, and this is still not the restored version. Who know if we’ll ever see…t.


    What a great-sounding mono track this is. The base in the opening score is deep and rich, andthe sound remains consistently good.


    We have deep, deep blacks and good contrasts during the numerous night and undergroundscenes. The image is very clean and sharp, with good colours, and the picture is in 1.85:1anamorphic widescreen.

    Special Features

    Absolutely nothing. Couldn’t we at least have the trailer?

    Closing Thoughts

    It ain’t Citizen Kane, but it gets the job done efficiently. I can think of far worse ways tospend 90 minutes.

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