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  • 12 Days of Contests! Day 12: Atlas of the Natural World!

    Posted in: Expired Contests by Archive Authors on January 30th, 2008

    head_imageWell it has all come down to this… Day 12 of our 12 Days Of Contests promotion. Today, to wrap it all up, we are giving 2 copies of the 6-disc (2×6= 12) set Atlas of the Natural World – Africa/Europe released by BBC.

    So – enter away below by commenting! We have extended the draw dates for all 12 of our “12 Days of Contests” contests to Tuesday, February 5th… so check back at that time so see who won!

    Day 1: ALIEN SEIGE
    Day 3: ONE TREE HILL
    Day 4: BOB HOPE
    Day 5: DANTE’S COVE
    Day 8: FULL HOUSE
    Day 9: DEER HUNTER
    Day 10: PLANET EARTH
    Day 11: BEN-HUR
    Day 12: ATLAS OF THE NATURAL WORLD – Enter Below

    Thanks to everyone who has participated in this series of contests. You have only a few days left to get your entries in for each of the contests listed above. Check back next week to see who won each of the prizes!

    Posted In: Expired Contests

    506 Responses to “12 Days of Contests! Day 12: Atlas of the Natural World!”

    1. margaret herrin Says:


    2. sue Says:

      This is very cool.

    3. Susan Smith Says:


    4. Steph Says:

      Looks like a great DVD set, count me in.

    5. Lorraine Says:


    6. AMANDA PERRON Says:

      AWESOME PRIZE!! Thanks for the chance to enter your GREAT contest!!

    7. Ana Says:

      so cool

    8. Maja Says:


    9. Maja Says:

      really cool

    10. Angel Says:

      enter me

    11. Aaron Says:

      Hook me up!

    12. Denise Says:

      Count me in!

    13. Julia Woolley Says:

      Great Set. I hope I win!

    14. Robert Fantom Says:

      Pick me please

    15. Kimberly Cook Says:

      ME PLEASE!

    16. Linda Peters Says:


    17. Robert Schiferl Says:

      NO ME!

    18. Deborah Kirchhof Says:

      ~”Not all those who wander are lost”
      ~ J.R.R. Tolkein ~

    19. Jay Pierce Says:

      You have it all.

    20. Brian Eason Says:

      …lion’s, and tiger’s, and vole’s, oh my !!!

    21. Jay Pierce Says:

      You have it all. Nice site…

    22. Mary Capps Says:

      My husband and I are nuts for these kinds of documentaries!

    23. Toby Says:

      This would be a great set to own.

    24. Mary Capps Says:

      My husband and I just love these kinds of documentaries!

    25. Pamela Muldowney Says:

      I love these!

    26. Jeffrey Beckett Says:

      this is wonderful!

    27. Milton Hicks Says:

      My one chance to travel the world!

    28. Carolyn Says:

      OK it is me again and hoping to win for my dad. 😉 Thanks.

    29. D Hogan Says:

      This would be awesome

    30. Michael Capp Says:

      I want to win!

    31. Michele Dipert Says:

      Looks very interesting! I believe our internet friends make the worls a smaller space!

    32. Jennifer Barnett Says:

      I bet this is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for the chance.

    33. Jennifer Barnett Says:

      I bet this is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for the chance.

    34. Michele Dipert Says:

      Looks very interesting! I believe our internet friends make the world a smaller space!

    35. Michele Dipert Says:

      Looks very interesting! I believe our internet friends make the world a smaller space!

    36. JRG Says:

      I would sure like to have it…..

    37. Margaret Smith Says:

      Thanks for the great giveaway. Please enter me.

    38. Jeffrey Beckett Says:

      This is good stuff!

    39. Prudence White Says:

      would love it for the kids

    40. jesy Says:

      Knowledge is power

    41. Michael Provost Says:


    42. Marilyn Wons Says:

      Oh the Atlas would be so great to win – thank kyou

    43. Steve Dadolf Says:

      Wow, what a nice prize for the world traveler…me !! :)

    44. Gary Murphy Says:

      The Great Films Just Keep Coming !

    45. Ali Gutierrez Says:

      I’ll bet this is amazing!

    46. Vicki Wurgler Says:

      sounds very interesting! hope I win

    47. Theresa E Says:

      Please enter me!

    48. wendell musick Says:

      You have me dreaming of far off lands already. Id love to have this and remember, nobody loves you like i do.

    49. Steven Tillman Says:

      Great contest!

    50. Gary Says:

      count me in.

    51. Richard L. Tucker Says:

      Wow this is so awesome! I wanna win. Me me me.

    52. Roy H Says:

      Enter me.

    53. Joseph Says:

      what an excellent prize.

    54. Michael McGee Says:

      Good Luck to all!

    55. Cathy Wilcox Says:

      Very nice giveaway – count me in the running!

    56. michael woods Says:

      please enter me, thanks!!

    57. Bob Says:

      These are the type of programs I like watching most of all…please count me in!

    58. valerie mabrey Says:

      enter me thanks

    59. Elizabeth G Says:

      I’d love to watch this. Thanks for the contest!

    60. Kacy C Says:

      Cool DVD set!

    61. Anne Says:

      Love this! Great for my daughter!

    62. michael nix Says:

      This is great__Now I can find Carmen Sandiego!

    63. Verna Says:

      I am so interested in this DVD set!

    64. Eileen Deliz Says:

      I would love this prize!

    65. Linda Moeller Says:

      Let me win!

    66. Brian Says:

      I would love to win

    67. Aaron Says:

      Looks awesome, would totally love it.

    68. Geoff Kaufman Says:

      Looks like a great complement to the Planet Earth and Blue Planet sets!

    69. Tim Miller Says:

      This is something I’ve been wanting…..I hope I can win it!

    70. Francis Welch Says:

      Wow! This is an awesome set.

    71. Emmaline Kuebler Says:

      I want to win.

    72. Colleen S. Says:

      It looks extremely interesting.

    73. Kim Says:

      Great prize! Thank you for the contest!

    74. Michael Says:

      This would be great as a resource! Woohoo!!!

    75. Kathy Davis Says:

      great prize

    76. Karen Gonyea Says:

      Enter Me Please !!

    77. Andrew Gordon Says:

      really cool

    78. Jason Martin Says:

      I really want to win this one!

    79. Catherine copeland Says:

      wht a great prize. i sure could use it in my classroom

    80. linda chaput Says:

      The prizes keep geting better

    81. DeeAnn Says:

      The BBC puts together some of the best programming. Would love to have this one!

    82. Caroline Morin Says:

      Please count me in.

    83. Glenn Peterson Says:

      Geography for the whole family!

    84. Alexa Whitehead Says:

      i heart bbc docs!

    85. Joe McCue Says:

      I want to win!

    86. Shannon Baas Says:


    87. Angelo Datellis Says:

      Please pick me!

    88. Nancy Nanstiel Says:

      Count me in!

    89. Pat M Says:

      I wanna win!

    90. melissa Says:

      very nice prize

    91. LeAndrew W. Taylor Says:

      Great dvd giveaway! Please, count me in on the drawing!

    92. denice Says:

      ohhh i love this. nice thank you

    93. bob keck Says:

      We have passports but they have no stamps. Maybe this will inspire us to get our butts moving.

    94. Marty Says:

      Excellent giveaway!

    95. Erica C Says:


    96. John Sweeney Says:

      is it my turn, yet?

    97. nancy Says:

      thanks for the contest!

    98. Christian Brothers Says:

      My wife would love this!

    99. Diane Says:

      This I would like.

    100. Peggy Doty Says:

      I would love to have this.

    101. Michael Schau Says:


    102. Kimberly Luongo Says:

      Please enter me in the contest. Thank you.

    103. JAMES Says:


    104. Geri Says:


    105. Robert R. Miller Says:

      Like to have it.

    106. Nancy Says:

      I love nature and I love traveling … this would be awesome to win!!!!! Thx!

    107. Garnet Leib Says:

      Great prize. Here’s hoping!

    108. ezmerelda Says:

      I could use some educational content in my DVD collection.

    109. Nora Scott-Platt Says:

      Great prize

    110. Carolyn Nedrow Says:

      Sounds interesting!!

    111. Cheryl Free Says:

      Thanks for the contest!

    112. scott BICKEL Says:


    113. Elizabeth Says:

      This is a great finale to complete this contest. I enjoy this type of DVD.

    114. Judith Musick Says:


    115. christopher h Says:

      love to win this

    116. Gary Osborn Says:


    117. Jessica Epps Says:

      I love that you have this DVD set in your contest! Thank you!

    118. Kim Mincks Says:


    119. Stephen Saunders Says:

      Please enter me, thank you.

    120. Patricia Adams Says:

      LOVE TO HAVE THIS SET son in college for zoology would be so great for him thank you for the chance

    121. Cheryl Says:

      I love this movie!

    122. Andrew Says:

      Will I ever win?

    123. Janet F Says:

      This is a wonderful prize!

    124. william causey Says:

      please count me in

    125. marleen davis Says:

      Atlas of the world–wow sounds interesting

    126. Tracy B. Says:

      I’ve heard so much about this series, and I would looooooooove to own it. Thanks!

    127. Cynthia McCoy Says:

      i’d love to win!

    128. Tina Says:

      I would love to own this DVD set. It would be the next best thing to actually visiting there. Um, no…I take that back. It would be even better…no flies, no crowds; just culture and adventure in the comforts of my own living room.

    129. Carol Lawrence Says:

      I would love to win this prize.

    130. Kari Follett Says:

      Please add my entry

    131. Brian Darnell Says:


    132. Mary Says:

      I’m in.

    133. Cynthia C Says:

      Looks nice. Thanks.

    134. Tari Lawson Says:

      Looks like a set I can enjoy with the whole family.

    135. mindy Says:

      awesome thanks

    136. david basile Says:

      day 12 looks good

    137. trippyjanet Says:


    138. valerie phillips Says:

      What a great collection for the whole family, pick me !!!

    139. James Davidson Says:

      Interesting series

    140. Vicky Boackle Says:

      looks fun and educational.

    141. sally wess Says:

      great prize for a great site

    142. Bernice Bacon Says:

      What a great prize!

    143. Nat Stevens Says:

      this is totally cool – plug me in for this

    144. Rebecca Snodgrass Says:

      i need this

    145. Kathy Scott Says:

      I need a good geography lesson.

    146. denyse Says:

      We could watch this as a family- Love to win it!

    147. Mary Sullivan Says:

      Would love to win this great set.

    148. Sarah Says:

      enter me!

    149. Yvonne Says:

      This is really a great prize! i hope I wqin it.

    150. Cary Gordon Says:

      This looks interesting. I’m in.

    151. Karen B Says:

      Great prize – please enter me!

    152. Michael Says:

      Great contest!!! Thank you!

    153. veronica sandberg Says:

      want to win this

    154. Allen McLeod Says:

      Love these contests.

    155. Zoltan Almasi Says:

      I want this disk. I’m in.

    156. Chris Says:

      The kids would love this!

    157. Raymond Goldstone Says:

      “ATLAS OF THE NATURAL WORLD”: A prize that brought me back to your site and contest.

    158. CATHI RUSHING Says:


    159. Jason Says:

      What a nice giveaway !! Thanks !!!

    160. Mary Capps Says:

      My husband and I love these kinds of documentaries!

    161. Deborah Wellenstein Says:

      These BBC nature shows are wonderful. Count me in!

    162. Debbie Says:

      Great for home schooling!

    163. Edward Says:

      Useful, informative and well-made. Nice prize.

    164. Evelyn Says:

      OHH I’m soo in!

    165. Julia Magrath Says:

      This is a great prize.

    166. April Says:

      Neat prize.

    167. Tamara Says:

      woot I’d love this, thanks for the chance.

    168. Edward Durbin Says:

      Good Luck Everyone

    169. Edward Durbin Says:

      GoI wanna win…please, please, please…lol

    170. Angela Harris Says:

      this is really a neat prize

    171. Linda Lansford Says:

      lol to all

    172. sherry pincus Says:

      love to win this!

    173. alison Says:

      Great giveaway! Thanks!

    174. Carole Grover Says:

      Looks like an interesting prize. I would like to win it.

    175. Stephanie Kinchen Says:

      This would be great to have for the children!!!

    176. David Filley Says:

      Add my name

    177. Israel Y Says:

      awesome! thanks

    178. Rose Says:

      Great Site
      Love this set.
      It’s very cool

      God Bless
      Good Luck Everyone

    179. Teresa Morrison Says:

      Add Me!

    180. Elena Says:

      Thanks for the contest!

    181. Linda Pinto Says:

      nice prize

    182. JANY FRY Says:


    183. Wesley Meyer Says:

      I would like to learn more concerning all other countries. This set would be of great help in bringing upfront the interests.

    184. Angela Says:

      How nice this would be to view.

    185. Sara Says:

      My fiance would love this!

    186. Michael Oelrich Says:

      I LOVE the world! I wanna see more of it!

    187. tiffany lane Says:


    188. Mary Boldin Says:

      I would love to win this DVD set….

    189. Sonja Hubbard Says:

      This would be awesome to own!

    190. Chrystal Jones Says:

      I would love to win this!!

    191. Sylvia Belle Says:

      great contest

    192. Rodney Says:

      Hope I win thanks

    193. Monique Rizzo Says:

      Oh how I would LOVE this!

    194. Tracy Tanner Says:

      This would be cool to win!

    195. Tom Says:


    196. tim brown Says:

      love to win

    197. Ken Robinson Says:

      I want to learn

    198. Alicia Says:

      Around the World in Eighty Days.

    199. Daniel M Says:

      looks great

    200. Barbara Fox Says:

      Would make a nice addition to my entertainment library!

    201. Sharon H Says:

      I heard this was really good.

    202. Kathy Conley Says:

      oooo this is really nice!

    203. Alice Says:

      sounds great

    204. Vergie Says:

      the earth is indeed wonderful

    205. Andrea R Says:

      BBC does quality DVD sets!

    206. Linda Ellis Says:

      hello there! add my name to the list please.

    207. Vicki Andrew Says:

      great contest, thanks

    208. LINDA WEBB Says:


    209. Kenneth Schaeffer Says:

      A very entertaining package.

    210. Celeste Campbell Says:

      Fantastic for entertainment and education

    211. Mike Weisberg Says:

      I hope I win this dvd

    212. Linda Howard Says:

      Great prize!

    213. Frank B. Says:

      Let’s go ape!

    214. Michele Wesley Says:

      This would be so great to watch with the kids!

    215. timothy luscko Says:

      Great prize

    216. Beata Lechowicz Says:

      Love it.

    217. Stanford Axel Says:

      Atlas of the Natural World is something that I don’t have – yet!

    218. dan Says:


    219. Connie Keim Says:

      Want it

    220. Gena Says:

      Cool Contest! I hope I win

    221. Crystal Gleason Says:

      Looks great!

    222. Rhonda Struthers Says:

      I would like to win this

    223. Steve Scott Says:

      Please and thank you.

    224. Audrey Greenberg Says:

      Might just make us a little smarter

    225. Loren Palmer Says:

      not so sure about this one!

    226. Nikki Evans Says:

      Please consider me for this prize

    227. John Says:

      I would love to win this!

    228. Mamo Says:

      Wow! Looks fascinating.

    229. russel day Says:

      i hope i win this

    230. Mike Says:

      Another great prize!

    231. keith james Says:


    232. Mary Says:

      this looks great.

    233. Joseph Stowell Says:

      Can’t wait to see it.

    234. Liz Says:

      Too cool!

    235. Aimee B Says:

      Great! Please count me in!

    236. Debbie Criss Says:

      Another interesting looking dvd.

    237. Melanie Says:

      Very cool contest, thank you !!

    238. Chris Ward Says:

      Good Luck!

    239. Jaclyn Says:

      Looks fascinating!

    240. Michelle Rosborough Says:


    241. Rosalie Says:

      This is such a great prize…I would just love to win it!

    242. David Pollastrini Says:

      Pick me!

    243. John Misiak Says:

      I am a nature nut. Can you send me these DVD’s?

    244. Terri D Says:

      Count me in!

    245. jan koontz Says:

      soooooocool pick me

    246. Amanda Kaminskas Says:

      I would love to have this!

    247. Theresa Shafer Says:

      The world, yes, please.

    248. Larry Wheeler Says:

      Nice set, count me in..

    249. ethel solinski Says:

      We travel a lot. I would love to win this.

    250. Patricia Miller Says:

      How interesting. I would love to win this.

    251. martin hutnik Says:

      i want planet earth

    252. susan korman Says:


    253. ANITA FERCHO Says:


    254. Jerri Applin Says:

      I have never seen a contest like this before.YOU ROCK
      HOPE I WIN

    255. Elaine Miller Says:

      love this stuff

    256. Nat Stevens Says:

      i need to check out how much the world has changed while i havent been paying attention

    257. Amber S. Says:

      Looks interesting! I’m crossing my fingers!

    258. Stephanie Says:

      I’m in for sure, cool contest peeps.

    259. Deb Fantom Says:

      Great Prize

    260. Arlene Says:

      I’ve just had a birthday on the 25th! What a beautiful birthday present this would be!! Happy Birthday to me…Wonderful contest idea!

    261. lorrieanne m Says:

      please enter me. thnaks.

    262. G Smith Says:

      I was wondering what happened with this contest. Oh well, count me in please.

    263. Merry Says:

      Interesting and educational, I’d love to win this! Please enter me!

    264. Annette Says:

      Enter me, please.

    265. Jerry Says:

      Personally I prefer Bob and Doug’s version of the twelve days of Christmas. Especially the “And A beer”

    266. David Shoup Says:

      This is a great way to do a contest. I would realy like to win anyone of these prizes.

    267. da Says:

      very nice, i love this contest

    268. X Wang Says:

      this would be great to win!

    269. Jennifer Says:

      Please enter me and thanks!

    270. Paige Says:

      That looks fantastic.

    271. Sarah Says:

      I would love to win this for my son!

    272. Juan Says:

      Looks good.

    273. Clifford C Gardner Says:

      Looks great

    274. Ralph Siegel Says:

      Looks like an out of this “world” contest!!

    275. Carla Spence Says:

      This looks awesome!

    276. Rachel Fox Says:

      I could really really use this!

    277. Sherrie Maner Says:

      Looks like an interesting set.

    278. JONI CHADWELL Says:

      This would be good to watch

    279. mary gallo Says:

      thanks for sponsoring this contest. have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!

    280. scarlette monahan Says:


    281. tom homrich Says:


    282. amy mayer Says:

      this looks fascinating!!!

    283. Jenna Hebein Says:

      nice! would love to win this.

    284. Gloria Dornin Says:

      Great contest, Thanks

    285. Jennifer Short Says:

      I’d love to win this!

    286. Jeanette Jackson Says:

      Nice prize. Please enter me

    287. Sam Eskenazi Says:

      Great program for my kids.

    288. Wayne Says:

      wanna win

    289. Dave L Says:

      This is a great prize. Please accept my entry.

    290. DALE LANG Says:

      oh yah you know i want this one. as good as going there.

    291. William Says:

      looks cool

    292. Max Says:


    293. RHicks Says:

      This is a wonderful prize!!!!!!!!

    294. Cathy Says:

      Happy Groundhog Day

    295. Rose Hayden Says:

      Great contest put me in!

    296. Leroy Duke Says:

      I need a good geography lesson.

    297. Kathy Patton Says:

      Great contest! My family would love this!

    298. Lisa English Says:

      Great Contest

    299. Kurt Barbuscio Says:

      ‘Gotta try!

    300. Jay F Says:

      Looks great for school

    301. james baker Says:

      thankyou for the chance to win

    302. Gayle Morgan Says:

      I want this one

    303. robert mendes Says:

      I have never seen this.

    304. Susan Caldwell Says:

      Truly Darling,
      Its a WIN~WIN situation….
      it makes YOU feel good to give it away,
      and it makes ME feel good to WIN IT,
      so go ahead,
      make both our days,
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    305. melissa feld Says:

      this looks interesting, hope to win

    306. miniloulous Says:

      Great contest, thanks !

    307. Nicholas Karpen Says:

      love bbc red dwarf my fav

    308. Kristine Karpen Says:

      hubby would love this

    309. Anita Yancey Says:

      Very nice! Please enter me.

    310. Charlie Edwards Says:

      love this kind of stuff…

    311. Alecia Gibson Says:

      Looks like a great movie. I wanna win!!

    312. Janice Johnston Says:

      What a great prize, thank you!

    313. Harry Dietrich Says:

      What a great combo of great movies!

    314. Roy C. Says:

      Neat, useful prize!

    315. Christine F. Says:

      I would love to win this for my husband. Thank you!

    316. John Marshall Says:

      another great movie

    317. Patricia Simpkin Says:

      I would LOVE to win this!

    318. anna t Says:

      Hope I win.

    319. Richard T. Says:

      Hope I win this one.

    320. Bill Marguccio Says:


    321. Pat Connors Says:

      Count us in.

    322. Kermit Crissey, Jr. Says:

      great prize, count me in

    323. Kristie Noguera Says:

      Enter me too please. It would be a great resource for our family.

    324. Kathleen Schmitz Says:

      What a great idea for a giveaway! I’d love for my son to be able to watch these…as well as myself!

    325. pat Says:

      this looks like something my hubby would love

    326. Rosanne Morrison Says:

      Enter me please.Closest thing to being there

    327. Liz Says:

      This one is mine!!! :-)

    328. Jim Says:

      Count me in!

    329. Mari Says:

      Sounds good to me!

    330. Patricia Winiecki Says:


    331. Pat Meyer Says:

      Why not me?

    332. Terry Anderson Says:

      such interesting and varied topics.

    333. Leigh Nichols Says:

      Meow? =^,,^=

    334. Dave R Says:

      count me in

    335. Phillip Fry Says:

      Very cool. Would love to win!

    336. A Casson Says:

      Would LUV to win this with a capital “L”!!!!!!

    337. Tom Says:

      Top-notch BBC quality.

    338. CAROL HAMMONDS Says:

      Great prize to win!

    339. Carol Drury Says:

      I’d love to win this movie!!

    340. Anthony Hedden Says:

      nice dvd

    341. Judith Musick Says:

      awesome prize, thanks for the contest!

    342. Salleefur Says:

      My wonderful husband would love this – me too!

    343. c edwards Says:

      awesome contest

    344. Regina Says:

      Great addition to any family library.

    345. Ed Nemmers Says:

      Sweet niblets!

    346. Chris Says:

      hope I win!

    347. CHANDA Says:

      pick me

    348. ronald grande Says:

      what about me? i’m fluently natural

    349. E Valente Says:

      Haven’t seen this one but it looks awesome

    350. Tom Mobbs Says:

      Absolutely, count me in on this one.

    351. Rhonda Says:

      Thanks for the contest!

    352. Cole Sifferlen Says:

      This sounds really interesting!

    353. gracie n Says:

      Great selection of titles!

    354. Meaghan Kerins Says:

      great prize; count me in!

    355. Elizabeth Browe Says:

      here’s hoping for a win

    356. Private Says:

      Entry. Thanks.

    357. Kevin Says:

      great site

    358. Tom Says:

      next best thing to being there

    359. Jessica Says:

      Great contest!

    360. AnneMarie DeRemer Says:

      Love this contest!!

    361. AnneMarie DeRemer Says:

      I hope you pick me!!

    362. Devacat Says:

      We all need The Atlas. Don’t let him shrug.

    363. William Campbell Says:

      good contest!!

    364. Betty Says:

      Excellent prize – thanks

    365. Marcia Says:

      I love to travel so this would be a great gift for me!

    366. Terry VanZant Says:


    367. Big J. Says:


    368. Elizabeth Says:

      Great contest!

    369. Pamela White Says:

      I want to win!

    370. Brenda Says:

      Yes count me in to I would love to see this, thanks

    371. Karen Says:


    372. Firas Kassira Says:

      I would absolutely love to win this

    373. Wendy Rogers Says:

      Please enter me…thanks!!

    374. Peggy Miller Says:

      thanks for the giveaway

    375. Edi Jenkins Says:


    376. troy Says:

      enter me thanks!

    377. monte Says:

      yes please enter me

    378. Katherine Frazier Says:

      please enter me

    379. Dorothy Rozdilsky Says:

      Haven’t seen yet, but sure would like too, so please let me win!

    380. Joni Frances Says:

      What a fantastic DVD! Thanks!

    381. Susan Says:

      Great collection, would love to win any of them

    382. Angie P. Says:

      I’d love this set; sounds great!

    383. Marion Burgess Says:

      Great dvd set!!

    384. Terry Hodges Says:

      Love to have this DVD set!

    385. Elaine Conte Says:

      Awesome giveaway!

    386. jeanette malan Says:

      Please pick me!

    387. Sally Baldwin Says:

      me me me…pick me

    388. Louis Huf Says:

      enter me please

    389. Eva Says:

      very interesting I would love to win this

    390. Cassandra Says:

      Very Cool!

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