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  • 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaways – Day 9: Blu-rays & DVD’s From Magnolia

    Posted in: Contests by Gino Sassani on January 2nd, 2017

    On The Ninth Day Of Christmas Magnolia Home Entertainment Gives To You:

    It’s another huge bag of goodies from Magnolia. They’ve given me copies of the following titles on Blu-ray and DVD: The Last King. Imagine if Three Men and a Baby was remade with just two guys, a baby, a battle axe, and a bunch of arrows. Despite its exceedingly generic Americanized title, The Last King has a little something different to offer action-weary movie watchers. Then there is A War. This one is about a Danish commander and his weary, overwhelmed young soldiers fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. Finally we have Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The True Story Of National Lampoon. That’s six total winners for this contest. Odds look pretty good thanks to our Holiday heroes over at Magnolia Home Entertainment.

    To win a copy of this prize, follow these instructions.

    1. Fill out your name and email address in the comment form below – Your email address will remain private and visible only to us.
    2. Do not post your address as an actual comment!  Instead tell us – What movie are you most looking forward to in 2017?
    3. Only those comments that answer our question will be considered.

    Contest is now closed Winner is Leslie Crosbie

    Winners are notified by E-mail. If you did not get a confirmation E-mail from us, check your Spam filter and contact us. Any prize not claimed in 2 weeks will be forfeit and be placed in the end of year contests next Holiday Season.

    Thanks to John Ceballos for some of the prize descriptions.

    Posted In: Contests

    34 Responses to “12 Days Of Christmas Giveaways – Day 9: Blu-rays & DVD’s From Magnolia”

    1. Deb Philippon Says:

      Looking forward to Thor:Ragnarok, because I liked the Asgardian comics when I was a kid. The movies I*ve most enjoyed, though, are the ones that have snuck up on me.

    2. Leslie Davis Says:

      Trainspotting 2

    3. Ronald Oliver Says:

      I am most looking forward to seeing KONG: SKULL ISLAND! Because it’s a brand new take on the iconic beast, and Kong gets to survive this time around.

    4. Jim Gardner Says:

      fate of the furious

    5. jason f Says:

      Looking forward to Gadot’s Wonder Woman

    6. Christine Topley Says:

      I can’t wait until Thor:Ragnarok comes out. Really looking forward to it.

    7. Roy H Says:

      Guardians of the Galaxy 2

    8. Dawn Ballo Says:


    9. Aarone Mawdsley Says:

      i want to see guardians of the galaxy two

    10. Calvin F. Says:

      Logan and John wick chapter 2!

    11. Leslie Crosbie Says:

      Easy answer War For The Planet of the Apes….CAN’T WAIT!!

    12. J Says:

      next Star Wars episode

    13. Jonnie Hartling Says:

      Blade Runner 2049

    14. Lynda Larsen-Baldry Says:

      Fifty Shades Darker

    15. Gary Smith Says:

      I’m looking forward to ALIEN: Covenant.

    16. Anne Derkat Says:


    17. Daniel M Says:

      Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

    18. Dayle B. Says:

      Like to see the interesting and great actors in the
      A Murder on the Orient Express.2017 movie remake.
      Her books stand the test of time.

    19. Allan F Says:

      Alien:covenant. Although, I’m not sure it will be good.

    20. Sally Krusky Says:

      I am most looking forward to seeing Passengers

    21. Aliya D Says:

      There are so many movies I am looking forward to in 2017; Kong: Skull Island, Beauty and the Beast, Underworld: Blood Wars, etc… So many! Thanks!

    22. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard Says:

      Guardians of the Galaxy 2

    23. Theresa C. Says:

      Looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman!

    24. Aaron B Says:

      Beauty and the Beast

    25. Vicki Wurgler Says:

      two I’m looking forward to watch are It and The Great Wall

    26. David Hollingsworth Says:

      Since I prefer independent films, I’m looking forward to seeing Personal Shopper starring Kristen Stewart.

    27. Alyssa Christian Says:

      Beauty & the Beast

    28. Stephanie LaPlante Says:

      I’m really looking forward to Beauty and the Beast!

    29. Eric V Says:

      I’m really looking forward to “Alien: Covenant” which is scheduled to be released in May. I am a huge fan of the “Alien” franchise and the first trailer for this film looks absolutely incredible!! This film is actually a sequel to “Prometheus” and is going to be the second film in the “Alien” prequel series!! I can’t wait to see it!! 🙂

    30. Melissa Says:

      Fifty Shades Darker

    31. Jennifer H. Says:

      I am looking forward to Kong: Skull Island.

    32. Carol Says:

      Beauty and the Beast

    33. John H. Says:

      Alien: Covenant sounds cool!

    34. Nancy Says:

      Most looking forward to Silence.

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