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    Posted in: Disc Reviews by Gino Sassani on November 27th, 2002

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    Raw Heat is actually the video release of an early 90’s TV movie called Victim Of Love. Pierce Brosnan was cashing in on his Remington Steele fame then, not the much more sophisticated Bond image he struts today. Recently Brosnan announced he has been signed to at least one more Bond film after Die Another Day. If Raw Heat is the caliber of films he would otherwise be making count his further commitment to Bond as the greatest escape in 007 history.


    Psychiatrist Tess (Williams) is desperate for a single man. Paul (Brosnan) is a professor of English with a slightly unhealthy fetish for Edgar Allen Poe. Sounds like a match made in heaven, right? Let’s add an apparent psychotic patient for Tess who also is in love with Paul. Somebody’s killed somebody and one of these two nuts did it.


    The audio is an unremarkable Dolby Digital 2.0 track. Typical made for TV sound does justice only to the dialogue. Everything else comes off rather stale.


    If the audio is unremarkable the video is downright horrible. There are far too many film artifacts and specks. The picture is soft and often grainy. Colors are mostly adequate. This was a made for TV film so the “full screen” format is its original aspect ratio.

    Special Features


    Final Thoughts

    My biggest complaint with this film is the ending. I dearly love twists and jump backs but this was ridiculous. I found the ending just left me sitting there with that “huh” expression reflecting back at me from the screen. Ladies will enjoy some of the romance and, of course, Brosnan himself who in a moment of precognition exclaims: “I feel like I’m in a spy novel.”

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