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    Posted in: Disc Reviews by David Annandale on June 13th, 2004

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    Bob Hope plays a hopeless American actor in England during the early 1900s. Lucille Ballis the daughter of a newly rich family, and though she may be dressed in finery, she’s very mucha bull in the china shop of English society. Believing Hope to be a butler, Ball’s mother hireshim to teach Ball some etiquette, and hauls the poor soul back to the American frontier, where allmanner of indignities ensue.

    The comedy hasn’t aged particularly well, though some of the sma…ler, incidental bits ofphysical business are quite effective. It is in these little details that the film retains some charm,while the broader slapstick and the yelling have lost their lustre. And then there is the charismaand ability of the two leads.


    The mono sound has not been remixed into stereo, and we should be grateful for smallmercies. Given that the quality of the sound is extremely variable, ranging from the decentlyclean to atrocious gurgling, the last thing one would need is the flaws magnified by a forcedsurround. In any event, the gurgles are a distraction.


    The 1950 print is in fairly good shape. There are blemishes that pop up, but the grain isminimal, the image is quite sharp, and the grain is minimal. The colours are bright, but are proneto fluctuation. Withal, a reasonable transfer, better than some, but not in the top tier.

    Special Features


    Closing Thoughts

    Two great comics are here. The material isn’t the best, but both have their moments toshine.

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