12 Days Of Christmas Giveaways – Day 4: Escape From Planet Earth 3D Blu-ray From Anchor Bay

Posted in: Contests, Expired Contests by Gino Sassani on December 28th, 2013

Gino Sassani

Gino Sassani is a member of the Southeastern Film Critic's Association (SEFCA) and The Critics Association of Central Florida (CACF). He is a film and television critic based in Tampa, Florida. He's also the Senior Editor here at Upcomingdiscs. Gino started reviewing films in the early 1990's as a segment of his local television show Focus. He's an award-winning recording artist for Omega Records. Gino is currently working on his 8th album Merchants & Mercenaries. Gino took over Upcomingdiscs Dec 1, 2008. He works out of a home theater he calls The Reel World. Favorite films: The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, The Body Snatcher (Val Lewton film with Karloff and Lugosi, not the pod people film), Unforgiven, Gladiator, The Lion King, Jaws, Son Of Frankenstein, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, and Monsters, Inc.


  1. Gary
    12/28/2013 @ 4:26 pm

    Man of Steel (Blu-ray)
    Great movie, accurate review, much more to my liking than the horror and childrens films.

  2. Evan
    12/29/2013 @ 11:44 pm

    The Pain & Gain movie review here – http://upcomingdiscs.com/2013/12/05/pain-gain-special-collectors-edition-blu-ray/ . We had a chance to see it a few months back & quite enjoyed it too. “Clever” indeed. Thanks.

  3. Brenda Lacourciere
    12/30/2013 @ 6:01 am

    I liked Ghost Team 1 review because it really made me want to watch it.

  4. Gary Smith
    12/30/2013 @ 4:42 pm

    My favorite was the Getaway (Blu-ray) review because it told it like it is. I had high hopes for this movie.

  5. Andrea Amy
    12/31/2013 @ 2:57 pm

    Favourite review was: http://upcomingdiscs.com/2013/08/17/family-ties-the-seventh-and-final-season/

    because it brought back some good memories from my childhood. Loved Family Ties.

  6. Jacob LaFountaine
    01/01/2014 @ 12:52 pm

    I would go with Futurama Season 8 on Blu-ray. You can’t disagree with Hypnotoad

  7. Daniel M
    01/03/2014 @ 9:58 pm

    man of steel, not sure i should bother seeing it until i read your review, and turned out i really liked it!

  8. Marc-Andre Taillefer
    01/03/2014 @ 11:23 pm

    My favorite was the Getaway (Blu-ray) review

  9. jason f
    01/08/2014 @ 8:21 am

    Favorite review was Fast & Furious 6. Was looking forward to the movie, but once I read the review, just had to go see it. Fantastic action.

  10. Lynda Larsen-Baldry
    01/13/2014 @ 9:49 pm

    My favourite review was Mary Poppins the 50th Anniversary edition. It was a very good movie and a classic.

  11. sonya
    01/24/2014 @ 9:58 am

    Love horror films!

  12. Dave Bensette
    01/24/2014 @ 1:48 pm

    Man Of Steel
    Made me decide to go!

  13. Mr. Phil
    01/24/2014 @ 5:48 pm

    Halloween 35th anniversary edition review. Because it still scares me!

  14. maria
    01/24/2014 @ 6:21 pm

    I liked Pain and Gain as i really wanted to see that movie.

  15. Anita
    01/24/2014 @ 9:19 pm

    You’re Next. Big fan of the horror genre and the review didn’t let movie secrets out, it was straight forward and kind of amusing. I also had not seen the film when I read the review, then when I did see it, I loved it.

  16. Wanda Bergman
    01/24/2014 @ 10:49 pm

    I have no favourites

  17. David
    01/25/2014 @ 12:22 pm

    My favorite, and most useful was The Philadelphia Experiment. I was wondering if the “remake” would be a disaster, and as your review indicates, primarily because of it’s low budget Sci-Fi filming, does come up a little short.

  18. Lt
    01/26/2014 @ 5:01 am

    Man Of Steel

  19. Adam Lipkin
    01/26/2014 @ 10:12 am

    All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. I’d been waiting on this movie for ages, and the review was as thorough as any UD review.

  20. Stephen Albert
    01/26/2014 @ 1:24 pm

    The Dick Van Dyke Show: Season 5 (Blu-ray). I love anything DVD so this was the best review.