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    Posted in: Disc Reviews by Gino Sassani on October 14th, 2002

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    A group of college friends gathers at the isolated island home of Muffy St. John for an AprilFool’s weekend. One by one… Well, you know how the rest of it goes, don’t you?

    SPOILER WARNING: …or do you? The film’s main distinction (other than having somevery funny pranks and actors playing something approaching real characters) is that all of themurders turn out to be a practical joke – no one gets killed. Does this make or ruin the film? Hardto say – my own feeli…gs are decidedly mixed. The film does, however, manage to generate acertain level of unease, even if its twist dates back to Seven Footprints to Satan in 1927.


    Overall solid sound. The music is particularly well served by the 5.1 mix. The sound effectsaren’t always as present in terms of surround effect than they could be, but there are enough tocreate some nice environment effects (especially whenever water is involved). A bit more,however, would have been nice. The dialogue comes through fine. There are, strangely, a fewmoments of static on the soundtrack.


    A very nice 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen ratio (used very well in the opening shots, whichwould lose all their effect in fullscreen). The colours are nice, as are the flesh tones. The nightscenes are a bit misty, but this looks like a factor in the original print.

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    Closing Thoughts

    For fans of the slasher genre, this one is definitely worth a rental. It’s all familiar, but it isnicely put together.

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