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    Posted in: Disc Reviews by David Annandale on August 17th, 2004

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    Julianne Moore and Pierce Brosnan are two formidable divorce attorneys. Neither has losta case prior to meeting each other. Thereafter, they wind up taking turns going down to defeat. Adrinking contest leads to a night together, one that Moore would rather forget, but we know thesetwo are going to wind up together even as they spar in court. When another drunk binge leads tothe two getting married, they must pretend to love each other, even if they don’t. Or do they?

    < ...>While Brosnan appears comfortable in the role of the attractively dishevelled rogue, Mooreis badly served by the script. A performer who radiates formidable intelligence and competence,here she has to dumb herself down, doing the insecure clumsy schtick that Sandra Bullock hasmade her own. Moore appears awkward, and it is very hard to believe that her character is ascompetent as we are told she is. So we wince in sympathy for Moore rather than her character,and very little identification is possible. The romance is flat, and the comedy no better.


    Very nice bass on the music, which is also very expansive, and given a real shine by the 5.1track. There aren’t a tremendous number of surround effects (partly due to the omnipresence ofthe music), but when they show up, they’re very energetic (such as the applause at a seminarwhere Moore and Brosnan give speeches).


    An excellent 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer. The colours are very bright, and havestrong, stable contrasts. The flesh tones are excellent, as are the blacks. The image is very sharp,and there is no visible grain or edge enhancement. A first-class job all the way down the line. Thefullscreen option is also included.

    Special Features

    Not much here, perhaps reflecting the film’s lacklustre performance at the box office. Thereare five deleted scenes and the alternate ending, and two theatrical trailers (along with trailers forThe Notebook, Unconditional Love and Elf). That’s it, apart from someDVD-ROM features (which include a script-to-screen feature). The menu is, for the most part,fully animated and scored.

    Closing Thoughts

    A tiresome, disappointing film, handsome as the transfer might be.

    Special Features List

    • Deleted Scenes and Alternate Ending
    • Theatrical Trailers
    • Bonus Trailers
    • DVD-ROM Features
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