The Hanged Man

Posted in: Disc Reviews by Gino Sassani on August 2nd, 2010

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Gino Sassani

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  1. Frank
    12/24/2013 @ 9:56 pm

    This movie was in a 30 horror film collection I bought for $9.95 at walmart. About all you can say about it is that it was a make-work charity project for the actors and production crew. The only real suspense in it was whether big-boobed Spaceshot’s (Robbyn Leigh’s) low-cut top ensemble was going to come off. And it didn’t. Well, half-way off, she got down to a clingy tank top. Miles (Jones) is out in the woods in broad daylight and get’s creeped out. By being out in the woods in broad daylight. Ooooo, that’s scary! Not. A breeze blows at night causing some hanging lights to creak as they sway back and forth. And that creeps out X-Factor (Hampton) and LT56 (Weissman). Again, ooooo, that’s scary – not. The writer, director or whoever was most responsible for the storyline needs to get out more. To get a handle on what’s scary. And what’s not. All the little, supposed-to-be-scary parts that weren’t really doomed this movie. Maybe in real life for urbanites, just being out in the sticks is terrifying enough. But when that urbanite phobia is put on film without a real amping to it, it falls flat.

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