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    Posted in: Disc Reviews by Gino Sassani on February 2nd, 2003

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    Nick Nolte, hulking and brutal, is a top NYC cop. The first thing we see him do isassassinate an unarmed man, then plant evidence to cover up his guilt. Timothy Hutton, a newassistant to the district attorney, is given the job of closing what is supposed to be a simple caseof self-defence. Naturally, he finds all sorts of loose ends and hints of top-level corruption. Whilethe romantic subplot is pointless, the investigation is gripping, and Nolte, Hutton, ArmandAssante (as …he mobster who gets dragged into this plot willy-nilly) and Luis Guzman all turn instrong work. Pay close attention at all times, however: some of the dialogue goes by so quickly,and the names are thrown at you so fast, that the twisting plot can become very hard tofollow.


    Gotta groove to that end-of-the-80s soundtrack. It does work, though. The mix is merely 2.0,though. The sound effects aren’t bad, but there are a number of missed opportunities to make theenvironment more convincing, and the dialogue distorts, sometimes to the point of gurgles.


    The case might claim that this is 2.35:1, but the ratio is actually 1.85:1. The flesh tones andcontrasts are both very good, but there is some edge enhancement visible and the occasional(though very slight) graininess.

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    Closing Thoughts

    The film looks better than the VHS version, but that’s the only real improvement. Still adecent film, though.

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