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    Posted in: Disc Reviews by David Annandale on January 3rd, 2004

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    Loretta Young plays, from all available evidence, a high-class call girl. When her son isknocked down by a truck driven by milk industry tycoon Cary Grant (hardly the “dairy farmer”the blurb says he is), Young tries to extort a huge settlement from the company. The schemebackfires, and she loses custody of her son to Grant and his wife. But Young hasn’t given upyet…

    A wildly improbable melodrama, which contorts itself with all kinds of dubious pretzel logic…in the last twenty minutes. Without giving too much away, it tries to have the film tries to haveits cake and eat it too with regards to the uprightness of one of the main characters. Aninteresting film for fans of the form, and Young is saucy fun as The Loose Woman, but hardly aclassic.


    The sound comes in both mono and 2.0 stereo, and as with the other recent Cary Grantreleases, the two tracks are virutally the same. There is virtually no surround with the stereo,except during the opening music. This is just as well, since otherwise all we get from the rearspeakers is dialogue that shouldn’t be there. This is, fortunately, faint. The sound isn’t bad, itsdistortions to be expected in a 70-year-old movie.


    A decent print, with only a couple of splices and very little speckling or damage (there is theodd vertical line, but they pass quickly). The picture is, however, extremely grainy. Someallowance should be made for the film’s age, but there are plenty of much older movies out therethat look a lot better than this.

    Special Features

    Much the same is the other new Cary Grant releases: a 5-shot behind-the-scenes still gallery,and trailers for An Affair to Remember, I Was a Male War Bride, MonkeyBusiness, People Will Talk and Kiss Them For Me. The menu is basic.

    Closing Thoughts

    Of interest to Cary Grant fans (though far from his best work), but even more interesting forfollowers Loretta Young. Otherwise, a fairly typical and somewhat loony 30s melodrama.

    Special Features List

    • Trailers
    • Still Gallery
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