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    Posted in: Disc Reviews by Archive Authors on November 14th, 2005

    (out of 5)

    Written by Clayton Self

    The cult classic “Office Space” from creator Mike Judge (Bevis and Butthead) found a huge following on its initial release on DVD. The movie stars Ron Livingston as Peter Gibbons, a software analyst for the computer giant Initech. Fed up with his condescending boss (Gary Cole) and the frustrations of his job in general, he visits a hypno therapist who puts him in a state of well being and relaxation. The therapist dies of a heart attack before the procedure is complete, leaving Peter permanately care free. Peter …ses his new confidence to ask out a local waitress (Jennifer Aniston) and to plot with his co-workers to install a virus that will take fractions of a cent from Initech’s money transactions and place them into an account for them. Also of mention is the paranoid nuerotic Milton (Stephen Root).

    “Office Space” gathers its laugh out-loud humor from relating to the audience. From the opening scene, it is clear that this movie recognizes the frustrations people endure everyday in the working world. It is a comedy that has characters that run deeper than the average movie-comedy character. The dialogue is fresh and believable, and the actions of each character are concievable. Mike Judge knows people and what frustrates them and it shows in every frame.


    The Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track doesn’t improve too much upon the original release. The bass during the rap music montages is fabulous though, and more co-worker noise can be heard from the rear speakers. The crisp-clearness of the dialogue allows for every line to be enjoyed, and quoted.


    The picture is brighter than it’s predecessor due to a new 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen digital transfer. The first release was a bit grainy, and this version cleans that up a lot. The color is also brighter, allowing for more enjoyment of miniscule things like Milton’s red stapler.

    Special Features

    This new release comes neatly packaged with a unique, textured DVD slip cover. The first release had some deleted scenes worth a look. This DVD disregards those, and shows 8 new deleted scenes, only 3 of which are laugh-out loud funny. Replacing a commentary is a new retrospective on the film, with Mike Judge discussing each aspect of the film as it was created. The title menu on this DVD is equally exciting, although not as original as the original. It’s bright though, and has audio clips from the film to accompany it. Included on the DVD-rom is screen savers for your PC, and audio clips to download. When you purchase this DVD, you get a very original promotional item: three pieces of flair!

    Final Thoughts

    If you dont own this movie, this dvd is a must-grab. If you own the original release, there is no rush to go out and grab this one. The special features on the original release are plentiful and insightful, but if you want to check the new ones out, maybe it’s worth a rent. Bottom line: this movie deserved a new treatment that will refresh people’s memories of how funny this movie actually is. If you’re frustrated with your job, boss or girlfriend, go out and buy this sucker.

    Special Features List

    • Out of the Office: An Office Space retrospective with Mike Judge
    • Deleted scenes: Peter Lies to Lumbergh, Happy Hour and Chotchkies, Peter Goes off on Nina, & Tom’s Mixed Heritage Called into Question
    • Theatrical trailer
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