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  1. Anonymous
    02/21/2006 @ 6:42 pm

    “Supercross” on the 5.1 Dolby dual disk is a chance to partake in the action of high caliber AMA/THQ track competition with an at times grander viewing platform than being there live, much the same way as watching a football game on the tube gives a greater perspective than sitting twenty rows up in the stadium.
    With this loose editing syle of “Supercross” adventure, some of the cycling action is linear and other event transits are IMAX style in order to create a sort of artistic look.
    Stunt Director turned Director Steve Boyum planned most of the acting scenes to appear like a throw-back to the days of film grain and fontal romantic interludes.
    New Stars, Sophia Bush, Ryan Lock, Carolina Garcia, Channing Tatum, Cameron Richardson, Mike Vogel, Steve Howie, Tyler Evans, and Aaron Carter will have this film production to remember their early days when they were just starting out in motion picture.
    Call of the Wild lack of dramatic precision brings it full circle to a younger mans view of the world, and takes nothing away from the screaming photography of the story-line made with stunt doubles who also qualified for all the gate commpetition.

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