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    Posted in: Disc Reviews by Gino Sassani on May 30th, 2003

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    Spencer Tracy’s home life with wife Joan Bennet and daughter Elizabeth Taylor is disruptedwhen the latter falls in love and plans to get married. After Tracy gets over his initial suspicionsabout his prospective son-in-law, his hopes for a small, intimate, inexpensive wedding collapsethe as the event, gathering a life of its own, grows more and more monstrous in size. Enough tomake the fathers of any bride break into a cold sweat, this is good fun (though Taylor’s simpering…haracter is almost impossible to like), with a standout nightmare sequence.


    The audio is mono — no stereo remixes here, and probably just as well, sparing us rearspeaker hiss and surround voices. This is a clean, clear, warm mono, free of any noise orstatic.


    The print is well nigh close to perfect. There is no damage at all, and the only imperfectionsare a very slight flicker about 60 minutes in, and a tiny bit of grain in a couple of exterior shots.Otherwise, the black-and-white photography looks gorgeous, with beautifully sharp and strongcontrasts, and only the very slightest degree of edge enhancement occasionally visible.

    Special Features

    Not too much on offer here. There are two newsreel clips, one of Taylor’s wedding, the otherof Tracy meeting Harry Truman, but the sound is absent. There are a few brief behind-the-scenesnotes, the theatrical trailer, and a cast and crew list. That’s it. The menu’s main page isscored.

    Closing Thoughts

    Skimply on the extras, but this is still a fine-looking release of a top-flight comedy from1950.

    Special Features List

    • Newsreel Clips
    • Theatrical Trailer
    • Behind-the-Scenes Notes
    • Cast and Crew List
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