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    Posted in: Disc Reviews by Gino Sassani on January 8th, 2003

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    Dennis Price (icy in his perfectly correct heartlessness) is the son of a disowned member ofthe D’Ascoyne family. Determined to rectify this slight, and incidentally become Duke, Price setsout to cooly murder the eight D’Ascoynes who stand in his way. All eight, including LadyAgatha, are played by Alec Guinness. Price is utterly amoral, but he is such a charming narratorthat we root for him, and chuckle warmly over each demise. The script is supremely smart. Thisisn’t knock…bout comedy, but it is wit of the highest order.


    The sound is mono, and is occasionally a bit muzzy. The film is over fifty years old,however, and this flaw may be more due to the limitations of the available source material.


    No complaints with the video transfer, however. The print is stunning, almost completelyfree of grain and damage. Even the edge enhancement is kept to an absolute minimum. Welldone Anchor Bay.

    Special Features

    The menu has a scored main page, and the transitions and introduction are animated as well.The extras are limited, but informative: liner notes, a bio of Guinness, and the trailer.

    Closing Thoughts

    For too long, this was (along with most of the other Ealing classics) only available on EPVHS editions. Here it is now in a gorgeous print on DVD. Truly, cause for rejoicing.

    Special Features List

    • Bio
    • Trailer
    • Liner Notes
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