Flicka 2

Posted in: Disc Reviews by Gino Sassani on May 15th, 2010

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Gino Sassani

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  1. Cheryl W.
    05/16/2010 @ 4:23 pm

    Oh my wow! You are absolutely correct, that horse she painted is gorgeous! Growing up, my sister had a collection of Breyer horses. Oh man, I admired those horses. I would always get caught trying to sneak them down off the self to play with them. She got tired of chasing me off, that she finally let me play with them. I could play horses forever. I made up different little horse families daily. I loved, loved, loved the Clydesdales. Okay, wow, that was a detour. Back to the movie.

    It drives me mad when the do sequels to a movie that closed well. The girl writing in her journal signified that all was right in her world with her horse and her dad. End of story. I knew when I saw the title come out that it might not measure up to the original, and now I know my predictions were probably right. Bummer, but I might still rent it because my little ones aren’t picky and are content just to watch a movie.

    I am super impressed with that model horse collection.

  2. gina
    05/29/2010 @ 10:55 pm

    very nice. i didnt know she painted so good they all look great from what i can see but the gold and flowered one is beautiful. great job ellen.

  3. Cheryl W
    05/30/2010 @ 1:42 am

    Well I got a chance to watch the movie and I must say, I thought it was pretty good. Granted, it didn’t have that freshness of story as the original, but I did find that it is well worth watching when you want a feel good family friendly movie.

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